NEW COMPETITION! Create a 1990's Shirt Football Kit Design Competition

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    Hi people, we haven't been active for some time, but now, we are here, and want to start the competitions again. So, here is the new tournament.

    The competition will include 8 or 16 teams, we'll decide later, looking at the participation. If this competition is popular we may do other eras.

    (Please don't join without reading these)

    • You can use any manufacturers and sponsors you want but you must add one main sponsor on the chest. (If your team doesn’t have a main sponsor, you don’t have to add.)
    • You can use any templates you like. With or without shorts and socks, it’s up to you. But stick to the theme. We want 90's style kits.
    • Only one team can be in so its first come first serve. If you don't come first I will randomly pick the competitor a team. (EXAMPLE) So if I have Real Madrid somebody else will be a different team.
    • Voting will last 3 days. Whoever has the most votes wins the competition.
    • A person who doesn't send his designs until the deadline they will be disqualified.
    • We don't want to cancel it in future, so do not join if you leave.
    • Kits will be sent to me, @Volta via conversations (PM)
    • Members who want to join this competition should comment this thread.
    • Please use only greyish-white (Hex code: #f0f0f0) backgrounds for your designs. You may add your nickname one of the edges. You may also add our forum’s logo on your artwork.
    1. @lakicarina
    2. @maulanarifadli
    3. @silky smooth
    4. @septy_nugros
    5. @pardoccp1912
    6. @Juan23
    7. @EKDesigner
    8. @Ege Piber

    There will be a special prize for the winner!
  2. i Want to join
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  3. let me in :)
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  4. Nice, I'm in
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  5. superb.. let me in
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  6. Full, I enter!!!
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  7. i'm in, ¡o yea!
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  8. Can I chose a national team? Or only club?
  9. Any, Can I count you in?
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  10. Yep, I'll get Kosovo
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  11. Add me please! (y)
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  12. Last day to join people! I've got some very good designs already sent to me.
  13. It already started?! Where is the deadline? If it's today, than I'm out, don't have time
  14. End of the week. Just a friendly reminder.
  15. Will there be a notification when the voting will start? I don't wanna lose the voting, also I wanna see some amazing 90's kits! Thanks Volta for this competition!
  16. Monday afternoon in my time which will be Monday morning for you guys.
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  17. Thanks Volta. Waiting for Monday ... :whistle::)
  18. Add me list
  19. Can you get something in by tomorrow?

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