Embroidery Effect For Corel Draw - Make Your Crest Embroidered!

Discussion in 'Design Softwares' started by Evrim Yılmaz, Jul 17, 2017.

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  2. thanks evrim :)
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  3. thank you mate!!!
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  4. Tutorial video is coming...
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  5. I've added the tutorial video.
  6. It looks easier than I think. Thank you Evrim. :)

    Hardest part of this effect is finding these apps for Mac :(
  7. Thank you (y)
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  8. very helpful. thank you,
    PS: photoshop tricks for the same effect ?
  9. I've been searching for years and i find some tricks but all of them are tiring and takes a long time. So this is the most easy and practical way (y)
  10. Thank you!
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  11. Great tool.
  12. Thanks for sharing with us this tool :)
  13. Thanks, I was searching for it, but I hope that I will find one tool for photoshop !
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  14. thankss for sharing
  15. If you find the one for photoshop share it here If you don't mind.
    I can't find it anywhere.
  16. Hi! Thanks for the tutorial, it's amazing. But do you know why things like this happen? Thanks!
  17. thanks for this one.
  18. thank you my friend :)
  19. thanks evrim :)
  20. How can i did it in ILLUSTRATOR?

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