Embroidery Effect For Corel Draw - Make Your Crest Embroidered!

Discussion in 'Design Softwares' started by Evrim Yılmaz, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Evrim Yılmaz

    Evrim Yılmaz Founder ADMIN

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  2. ibrahimsulek

    ibrahimsulek Member MEMBER

    thanks evrim :)
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  3. thank you mate!!!
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  4. Evrim Yılmaz

    Evrim Yılmaz Founder ADMIN

    Tutorial video is coming...
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  5. Evrim Yılmaz

    Evrim Yılmaz Founder ADMIN

    I've added the tutorial video.
  6. ozando

    ozando Administrator ADMIN

    It looks easier than I think. Thank you Evrim. :)

    Hardest part of this effect is finding these apps for Mac :(
  7. HKI

    HKI Active Member MEMBER

    Thank you (y)
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  8. blueskinrulez

    blueskinrulez Well-Known Member MEMBER

    very helpful. thank you,
    PS: photoshop tricks for the same effect ?
  9. Evrim Yılmaz

    Evrim Yılmaz Founder ADMIN

    I've been searching for years and i find some tricks but all of them are tiring and takes a long time. So this is the most easy and practical way (y)
  10. VMDesign

    VMDesign Active Member MEMBER

    Thank you!
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  11. Volta

    Volta Moderator MODERATOR

    Great tool.
  12. MedAmineLRS

    MedAmineLRS Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Thanks for sharing with us this tool :)
  13. KG Designer

    KG Designer behance.net/KGDesigner MEMBER MEMBER OF THE MONTH

    Thanks, I was searching for it, but I hope that I will find one tool for photoshop !
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  14. cemonkcoolz

    cemonkcoolz Active Member MEMBER

    thankss for sharing
  15. gcarita

    gcarita Moderator MODERATOR

    If you find the one for photoshop share it here If you don't mind.
    I can't find it anywhere.
  16. aguspineiro

    aguspineiro New Member MEMBER

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial, it's amazing. But do you know why things like this happen? Thanks!

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