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  1. This is the main thread for exchancing mockups. Please do not create new threads for this purpose. You can share your mockups and the mockups you are searching under this thread.
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    It's just a suggestion to Mrp07

    With the current configuration it is very tedious to go folder to folder, it seems a labyrinth. Very very slow.
    If what you want is to change, make it easier for people, create a folder with all the images of the templates you have, in this way you just open a folder and see all your collection.
    Another option links the images directly to imagebam, imgbb, etc
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  3. For samirpa
    Can you share the psd mockup link in your image? We are all here friends ok;);)
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  4. Sorry mate, but @Mbappe are right.
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  5. Don't push it man
  6. I think this title is unnecessary. The man says he has everything and he responds negatively to the guy asking for the product. You do not need to be blind to what they have if you do not share something.
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  7. Me and lots of people are used to trade mockups. Who ask mockups for free or don't know the enviroment or have bad intentions.
    Anyway, this thread is for exchange, do if you don't agreed can just get out and don't bore the people.
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  8. I think that when I say that I'm right, you can say what you want because it is not in my possession.
  9. If you do not share your thoughts with the people, this is not the purpose.
  10. im looking for this basketball mock up, im willing to give 2 mock ups in return for this one
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  11. i'm looking for this template... all of them

  12. im looking for this template

  13. I have that template. Thanks Wm_wilmer and Boato anyway.
    I look for the template ID # 13435, check it the wrinkles and sleeves, they are different.
    That is why I have asked you to publish an image in blue, before sending anything.

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