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  1. It will be true that you are 14 years old, review the messages and tell me you do not understand.
  2. You don't even understand correct use of English.
  3. obvious I am not English.
    you are polyglot for what I see
  4. I knew that a long time ago.
    Keep digging.
  5. good job detective. I'm impressed with your skills.
    do not hesitate, you too.
  6. I guess I won't be getting a fifteenth birthday present from you.
    I wish I could say the same for you Sherlock.
  7. you do not deserve it.
    but we can change in the future. whenever you offer original templates. do you agree?
  8. Regarding the birthday present comment, I was being ironic.:)
    If you're up to exchanging in future, it's fine by me.
  9. I know. my answer was ironic too.

    Good fight, ehh?
    Peace and love for everyone!
  10. And everybody hold it there.
    @SAVAŞ ŞENOĞLU TC please keep an eye out for next time regarding templates, people on here are a bit pc.
    @David Bt see you later champ.
    @Panther no need for name calling and that, these things will be addressed, that's why I let people have a say before anything happens.

    Play on.
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  11. I am looking for them, do you have any of them?
  12. I am looking for them, do you have any of them?

    My Collection

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