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  1. show me your collection to trade
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    Hello guys. I want to alert everyone about a guy named "Raid Khaila."

    Today he called me on Facebook to exchange mockups. We agreed to trade two mockups.

    I sent my two mockups before in good faith. He said it was taking time to send me because of the bad internet. Now several hours later I came back to check and he blocked me on Facebook without sending me the mockups.

    So I ask you to be careful with this asshole Raid Khaila.

    Your user profile is as follows:

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I thought it was important to warn others not to fall into the same trap.
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  3. Thank you! Account has been banned.
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  4. Thank you my friend!
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  5. nice bro, will you share this with me?
  6. Hey mate. Do you have the editable PSD? If yes you just need to double click to open the smart object, that is the blue layer, and than replace with your own art.
  7. Not psd but jpg
  8. You need the PSD to edit.
  9. Please I need them if it's possible
  10. Exactly what is that that you want?
  11. Me toooooooo please
  12. Can you give me some of the templates because I'm still a newbie and want some templates specifically. Can I?

  13. I want them all:LOL::LOL::LOL: .. Joking I want this and this and this and this:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    This is really wonderful;);)

  14. Don't have that one...
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  15. [​IMG]

    I own that group but there are other templates I want

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