FC Barcelona - Evrim Yılmaz - My Rebranding Works

Discussion in 'Football Branding Works Threads' started by Evrim Yılmaz, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Keeps getting better and better.
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. Very nicely done. For me, I don't think the shape of the crest is an improvement on the current one, however you have simplified the badge very well. I especially like the colours that you've changed, ie. the black stroke to the gold border and the gold shield to navy.
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  4. Wow fantastic, I like the shape and the colours too !
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  5. Really cool job, you made a nice rebranding
  6. awesome Bro
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  7. Wish it was the real one
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  8. What inspired the FCB Shield shape?
  9. Actually it was a circle first time, i designed it from a circle randomly :D
  10. Very good works. (y)
  11. Amazing Work!
  12. I'm in awe. Great designs, especially that Barca logo.
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  13. Thanks a lot, an inspiring comment for me
  14. I liked Barcelona so much. Great Work!
  15. Very good works perfect bro :)
  16. Great work! Could you rebrand Galatasaray as well? :)
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  17. Woow is amazing man!
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  18. Love the Levante's home lines.
    Consider the second polo to be a football kit too, that's a good design.
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  19. Barcelona crest is too classy to be modified! But, great work on Levante´s one!
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