COMPETITION Football Clubs That Never Worn Nike Competition

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    1. You must chose the one team and redesign the kit​
    2. You must use Nike, and their design language. Don't design like Adidas or Macron kit with Nike logo.​
    3. You must make Home and Away kit. (If you want you can make third kit)​
    4. Kits don't need to have shorts and socks, no matter which template you used.​
    5. If you want to join the competition, reply this thread with the team you chose.​

    Real Madrid CF
    FC Bayern Munchen
    FC Girondins de Bordeaux
    SS Lazio
    Sao Paulo FC
    RSC Anderlecht
    Besiktas J.K.
    Skenderbeu Korce
    AFC Ajax
    S.L. Benfica
    Fenerbahce SK

    LAST DAY 31.07.2017
    SEND YOUR KITS to @Evrim Yılmaz


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  2. If you add Fenerbahçe there, I will accept :D
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    Excellent idea (y), I agree & I choose Bayern :D
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  4. İt will be next competition
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  5. If it is done, I participate. Besiktas J.K.
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  6. This was very interesting coincidence :ROFLMAO:, after I read this comment (In fact, firstly I think this was a funny comment :D) I check in Wikipedia if Fenerbahce SK hasn't use Nike as wear sponsor. So other designers will make 10 team on list, and you will make Fenerbahce :ROFLMAO:. What a coincidence !
  7. I agree & I choose Real Madrid
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  8. nice idea of contest, I'm in with Lazio kit.
    when is the deadline?
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  9. let me use River Plate and im in
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  10. I agree & I choose Ajax
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  11. Benfica
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  12. I'm in with Bayern Munich.
  13. Awesome, Ill do Munich
  14. São Paulo
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  15. Im In ! Girondins De Bordeaux
  16. I did not type it but you can do River Plate.
    Also typed the deadline
  17. Can I participate with Sampdoria? I've got a nice idea
  18. Yes if they have never worn Nike
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