Galatasaray SK Rebranding

Discussion in 'Football Branding Works Threads' started by ftvkk, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Actually it doesn't look like a crest, it's much more like a Twitter account logo or supporter group logo. Galatasaray has a unique logo and every rb project must be based on original logo in my opinion.

    But it's a good project. Well done.
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  2. you're so right bro :( I know , too .
    it was not a professional logo
    I tested myself to see what I could do.
    Thank you.(y)
  3. Did you try only the lion head and the letters without the circle?
    Maybe that way works a little better?
    But in general it is a well thought project.
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  4. Very beautiful, I like the lion concept.
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  5. I like the inclusion of the Lion head.
  6. I like it but is more for a brand than for the football club maybe non-sports clothing

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