Hi everyone! Greetings from Spain!

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  1. Hi guys, this is Rafa from Spain.

    I wouldn't even call myself a 'kit designer', I have very limited knowledge about Photoshop, and currently I'm working on a very simple free mockup kit, on which I'm adding very basic designs (vertical and horizontal stripes, branding and so on). I came across this site yesterday and I thought of it as an opportunity to improve my designing, and of course help each other in case I can contribute.

    I hope this is the start of something great.

    Kind regards to everyone.
  2. Spain or Bilbao? hehehe

    Aúpa Athletic, today we won the Celta yes or yes!
  3. Hi djixon,

    Actually I'm from Valencia, but I support both Athletic Club and Valencia CF...

    I really hope we win today...


  4. Hello There,
    hope you doing well. I have alot of yellow images mockups SO I F ANY ONE of you intrested in buying mockups from me in very cheap price han message me.
    also if you have any mockup which you want to exchange with me so please let me know.
    All mockups are in Orignal 4k Quality.

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