NB or UA for A.C. Milan

Discussion in 'Football Kit Design Threads' started by Michele Smaldini, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Michele Smaldini

    Michele Smaldini Well-Known Member MEMBER

    Hi, these days came out that my team, A.C. Milan, won't be sponsored by Adidas since next year and next sponsor will be New Balance or Under Armour. Here in Italy there are no teams actually sponsored by NB or UA so I want to know something about these brands' quality and see some kits designed by you :)
  2. gcarita

    gcarita Moderator MODERATOR

    I don't know much about them either, my club is also sponsored by Adidas.
    But here in Portugal, FC Porto is sponsores by NB, the quality of the kits doesn't look bad (my opinion is only from looking at them on sport stores).
    I don't think they're as good (qualiy speaking) as Adidas or Nike. But they seem a good alternative. A Growing brand (previously Warrior, if I'm not mistaken) with some great clubs in ther records.
    About Under Armour, I only knew Spurs (last Season) and Southampton with that kit brand. Don't know much about them.

    It's not a great help I know, but it's the only thing I know about thes brands.
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  3. I made an UA-concept for KRC Genk, Belgium. I hope it will help you and I would like to see youre AC Milan UA-concept as well in the future!
  4. ozando

    ozando Administrator ADMIN

    UA is going to be Fenerbahçe's supplier after next season. I have same worries with you, I can't be sure what they're going to do. I just saw 2 striped kits of UA. Some kits of them are old-fashioned, some kits are unnecessary...


    How are you sure about NB or UA? If I know Nike, they won't miss this oppurtunity. They lose power in Italy after Adidas took Juve.
  5. Michele Smaldini

    Michele Smaldini Well-Known Member MEMBER

    There is to say that Fluminense has got that green-white-red striping as a traditional element. In England sincerely I don't like Southampton kits but for Milan they would do something good
  6. ozando

    ozando Administrator ADMIN

    So Milan and Fenerbahçe also have traditional striped shirts... Nothing unique, nothing special...
  7. morami

    morami Member MEMBER

    In my opinion both of them are not good enough for a great team like Milan , I think they must renew their contract with Adidas or look for a famous brand like Nike,Puma,Macron or Joma.
    But I think NB is better than UA.
  8. Krisje9

    Krisje9 Koufax. Design MEMBER

    UA is far more famous than Macron or Joma. UA is a 4billion dollar business.
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  9. morami

    morami Member MEMBER

    It is not about the value of business, it is about the quality of deigns and materials.
  10. Krisje9

    Krisje9 Koufax. Design MEMBER

    First of all, you talked about the word FAMOUS, and UA is far more famous than the other two companies. Second of all, I doubt UA makes low quality apparel, they sponsor the entire MLB, Tom Brady, Steph Curry and MANY more people. I doubt that they would have chosen UA if they weren't a quality company. I am not a UA fanboy but they are superior to joma or macron. I personally think adidas or nike are the best choices, of course.

    But hey, that's just my two scents... nothing against the other companies.
  11. Boato

    Boato Active Member MEMBER

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