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    Macron has become the official partner of UEFA for the TEP Kit Assistance Scheme, a project to assist the smaller European football federations. There are eight federations present in the first cycle: Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and San Marino. Our new competition is based on this new, you are going to design kits for these 8 federations. You can choose any teams you want. There is no limit about this. If you want, you can choose more than one teams. Most important part of this competition, please don’t just colorize the Nike/Adidas templates and add Macron logo on it. Try to make yours look like real Macron kits. Look at the Macron’s designs, learn their design languages and create your kits. I’m sure no one would like to see Nike-ish kits with Macron logo on it. Pay attention with this rule.


    Faroe Islands
    San Marino

    1. You must choose your own team and comment it, you can choose also chosen teams.
    2. You must design 2 kits, home kit and away or alternate kit.
    3. You must use Macron, and their design language. Don't design like Nike kit with macron logo.
    4. Kits don't need to have shorts and socks but you can add if you want, no matter which template you used.
    5. If you want to join the competition, reply this thread with the team you chose.
    LAST DAY IS 26.07.2017

    @Igor D Paula
    @silky smooth
    @Michele Smaldini
    @Evrim Yılmaz
    @Achraf Trini
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  2. armenia
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  3. Cyprus
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  5. Andorra
  6. San Marino
  7. Im joining too, Liechtenstein :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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  8. At the top it says you can chose more than one team? does that mean I should design home and away kits for both or just one for each team? Im going for Andorra and San Marino :)
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  9. Yes, you can do like that :)
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  10. Noce, I have got a San Marino shirt in mind
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  11. You can choose also chosen teams
  12. Yes but if I choose two teams, should I do home and away?
  13. Example home Belarus away cyprus
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