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    Welcome everyone to a newer style of competition called the Redesign the Premier League! If this competition goes well and has enough interest we can expand to redesign other leagues from around the world!

    How to get involved in the competition?

    To participate in the competition, you will need to design a football jersey (front and back) for a team that is currently competing in the 2018/19 Premier League. Your club will be randomly generated by a random number generator after you let me know of your interest by posting in this thread. The random team allocation will be open for a week (until the 13th of September) and if there any teams left over that someone wishes to design for they are most certainly allowed by asking in the thread.

    Design Guidelines

    - Designers are required to submit a home and away jersey for their club. Shorts and socks may be added to your entry to give your team the edge.

    - Designers are allowed to use the current logo of their team in their design, but are also free to design their own version if they choose to.

    - The manufacturers logo must appear on the front of the jersey, as well as the club's logo. The back will have the same player number with a name above (actual players preferred.)

    - Shorts (if chosen to be designed) will include the club's logo on the left (facing) side, with the manufacturers logo and number on the right.

    - Each kit will also include the appropriate sleeve patches which are the Premier League Badge on the right side and the sponsorship on the left side.

    - The only real constraint in terms of design is that you can not copy the existing or any past kit of the club directly, you can adapt elements (like adidas has done with many teams for the 2018 world cup) but the design needs to really be a work of your own.

    - Designs will need to be submitted to me @Volta via conversation (PM). Deadline will be known shortly after the expression of interest.

    - Voting will last 3 days. Whoever has the most votes wins the competition.

    - A person who doesn't send his designs until the deadline they will be disqualified.

    - We don't want to cancel it in future, so do not join if you leave.

    - Please use only greyish-white (Hex code: #f0f0f0) backgrounds for your designs. You may add your nickname one of the edges. You may also add our forum’s logo on your artwork.

    Good luck and happy designing!
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  2. i want to join this competition
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  3. The generator gives you... Cardiff City!

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  4. I accept it
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  5. I'm in (so good that you decided to make the comp. at the weekend).
  6. The generator gives you...Crystal Palace!
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  7. The generator gives me... i want to join bro :)

    I have a question. Would not it be the back side of football jersey? Because some mockups do not have the back side.
  8. The generator gives you...Watford!

    I have a question. Would not it be the back side of football jersey? Because some mockups do not have the back side.
    It would be preferred to have a back as well, but I will let it slide....
  9. I want to participate :)
  10. The generator gives you...Southampton!

  11. I want to participate too :)
  12. i want to join
  13. The generator gives you...Wolverhampton!

  14. The generator gives you...Liverpool!

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  15. i accept, when starting?
  16. Start whenever you want, we still have teams to fill.
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  17. i want to parcipate :)
  18. The generator gives you...Everton!

  19. Go,I'm going to try

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