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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Michael, a young entrepreneur here in the Philippines. I own a streetwear clothing brand before and decided to rebrand it into a sports apparel like GymShark, Alpha Clothing, Nike and Adidas. I'm on the website development stage right now as well as my team doing the new size pattern and design for our upcoming sports brand. Still thinking a good brand name for now and I need you guys to help.

    We are planning to start as training, gym, running shirt for now, but I'm looking for a good realistic t-shirt and short template with a nice fit (muscle fit for presentation purpose).

    These Links is what we are looking for:

    Alpha Clothing:

    Sports Template:

    As you observe, The fit is awesome and I strongly agree that the customer already sold for the product. Especially the Sports Template Mockup but it's for soccer, I'm talking about the fit as well as how the presentation is done, Front, Back and Side View. You guys can suggest me a good realistic mock up? I'm good whether Free or Paid.

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