UEFA Champions League 2017-2018 (Research)

Discussion in 'Football Kits Competitions' started by ozando, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Hello guys, @KG Designer offered the UCL tournament. @Evrim Yılmaz and I already thought about this competition but I had doubts about there are 32 participants for this tournament. If we can find 32 participants for this tournament, I will start it on Sunday. Please comment and tell us that you can participate this tournament. You know, it's a long journey. Please be sure that you can send your designs for all rounds.

    1- Filth
    2- Blend
    4- macik
    5- Enes PINARLI
    6- Emirhan Avcı
    7- thorbesh
    8- Shittabey Babblebey
    9- HKI
    10- Can Akar
    11- Volta
    12- simvisual
    13- casakero
    14- williamsbonilla
    15- silky smooth
    16- aguspineiro
    17- Alek Drezcee
    18- eduuhnogueira
    19- Alexandru Istratuca
    20- gcarita
    21- natodoldan
    22- Medium Spider
    23- victorieux
    24- KG Designer
    25- ylmzs53
    26- zettif
    27- jamakar
    28- ClayXEliteone
    29- bluehorizonsky
    30- GonzaVR
    31- 7oniky
    32- Galactic
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  2. You can count me in (y)
  3. It would be ideal if we could not design the complete kit and use any template ... if so ... you can count on me :)
  4. Same :D I'm in if we could not design the complete kit and use any template
  5. Why don't we split the groups ?
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  6. I can join.
  7. I want to join, this is gonna be fun.
  8. I agree, nice contest.
  9. Yes please. Would be highly dysfunctional without groups even if there are less than 32 teams

    Could we know details about the dates and timeframe of the fixtures ?
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  10. I want join
  11. Simvisual is in
  12. I wanna participate
  13. I'm in.................
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  14. Sign me up!
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  15. We will split into 8 groups of 4 teams. You will design 1 kit for each 4 teams. After 8 votings, 1st and 2nd participants of gropus will be eliminated to Round 16.

    I will share timeframe and all rules soon.
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  16. I'm in! Let's go!
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  17. Count me in!
    But I have some suggestions. Let's make it faster to say so. For example, in the last competition, 4-5 days was more than enough to design a shirt. I would recommend to not give too much time, it will lose its charm, at least, that's how I think.
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