NEW TOURNAMENT! UEFA Champions League Tournament 2017-2018

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    1- We are starting to an exciting journey. Please be sure that you can send your designs for all rounds. If you quit tournament without a rational reason, you won’t be able to participate in upcoming 5 competitions and tournaments.
    2- Please use only greyish-white (Hex code: #f0f0f0) backgrounds for your designs. You may add your nickname one of the edges. You may also add our forum’s logo on your artwork.
    3- You must add Champions League and Respect badges on your kits. If your team has Badge of Honour, you must add it on your kits too.
    4- You can use any templates you like. With or without shorts and socks, it’s up to you.
    5- You can use any manufacturers and sponsors you want but you must add one main sponsor on the chest. (If your team doesn’t have a main sponsor, you don’t have to add.)


    GROUP STAGE (17.09.2017 - 29.09.2017)
    We are split into 8 groups which includes 4 teams and 4 participants. In group stage, each participants will design one kit for each teams. In other words, you will design 4 kits in group stage. Please keep this in your mind and don’t be late for sending your designs. There will be 4 match days and each match day there will be 2 matches and votings for each group. You may send your designs before the voting but in my opinion, you better send them all together. You will send your designs to @Evrim Yılmaz or @ozando . I or Evrim will announce the deadline in every round.

    ROUND of LAST 16 (30.09.2017 - 06.10.2017)
    After the 4 match days, first and second participants of each group will qualify to Round Last 16. Your opponents and teams will be selected randomly with a computer program. You will design two kits (1 home and 1 away/alternate) for your teams.

    QUARTER-FINALS (07.10.2017 - 14.10.2017)
    After the votings, winners of the R16 will qualify to the quarter-finals. In this round, you will be able to select your team. Higher percantage holders will have the right of select their teams firstly. Your opponents will be selected randomly with a computer program. You will design two kits (1 home and 1 away/alternate) for your teams.

    SEMI-FINALS (15.10.2017 - 22.10.2017)
    After the votings, winners of the QFs will qualify to the semi-finals. You will design kits for your opponent's team in R16. Your opponents will be selected randomly with a computer program. You will design two kits (1 home and 1 away/alternate) for your teams.

    FINAL (23.10.2017 - 30.10.2017)


    Also for the Portuguese & Spanish speaking people you can ask your questions about the tournament to @gcarita if you have not enough English to do that.






    Winner will choose one of the premium templates of @casakero

    High Resolution DS Logo:
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  2. good luck for all!
  3. I have a question @ozando , correct me if I'm wrong.
    Each participant will have to design one kit for the team on each matchweek right?
    I mean, in matchweek 1, Its KG Designer (Real Madrid) vs Me (Dortmund), I only have to do the kit for Dortmund right?
  4. @gcarita Yes Carita, each matchday you will only do 1 kit.
  5. Thanks.

    Good Luck to you all.
  6. I have a question.
    I have to design front and back? Or just the front?
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  7. However you want.
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  8. i think some mistakes in tournament format.we will have to play once again with the same should be a 3 matchday not 4.
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  9. -I think that the 4 match days is only to be able to design for the 4 teams
  10. ok but we have to play with same person again.its not makes more sense to play 3 weeks in the group.for example,

    PERSONS (1,2,3,4)
    TEAMS (barca , juve , olympiakos, sporting)

    (1)barcelona - juventus(2)
    (3)olympiakos - sporting(4)

    (3)juventus - olympaikos(1)
    (4)sporting - barcelona(2)

    (4)juventus - sporting(1)
    (2)olympaikos - barcelona(3)

    barcelona 1 2 3
    juventus 2 3 4
    sporting 3 4 1
    olympiakos 4 1 2

    each competitor will renounce from one team in the group.person 1 not make juventus jersey in group stage,also person 2 not make sporting etc.

    if person 1 will qualified from the group stage.he will make juventus(renounced team in group stage) jersey in 2nd round.

    i think my format is much more fair and equitable than current format.
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  11. I think @jamakar had the most anonymous team with foregone colours and badge. Maybe geographic location can allow jamakar to create something unique
  12. good luck for all!
  13. Can anyone do whatever we want? Home, Away or Third? or only Home? I talk about the Group Stage, Thanks.
  14. Whatever you want
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  15. I did not quite understand the competition, the first day we have to do what?
  16. What kit we have to do ?
    For example in matchday 1 : I (Real Madrid) will play against gcarita (Dortumund).
    Should I make the home kit or away kit.
    I'm asking this because if in another matchday if will get Real Madrid again I should design the same kit !
    *I was thinking about : The First Player will make home kit, and the second player will make the away kit. In order that the matchdays will look more realistic and at the end of group stage 3 different designers will make 3 different kits (home,away,third) for a team. So 3 different designers will make wardrobes for all group teams.
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  17. So when is the first match day?
  18. 21 or 22 September.
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  19. What a draw for me! :( :D
  20. Hey guys, where I find the vector of our forum’s logo?!
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