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Discussion in 'Chitchat Section' started by KG Designer, Oct 7, 2017.

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    This week I opened a Deviant Art page : https://kgdesigner.deviantart.com/ . If there are more of us that have Deviant Art pages, why do we don't make a Deviant Art group ?
    We almost have a Twitter account and Behance but we can make it bigger, with adding Facebook, Deviant Art and more. What do you think ?!
  2. bluehorizonsky

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    Personally I think Facebook is more inclined for communicating and sharing with real life friends rather than people on a forum. I've never used Deviant Art because I thought it was more designated for people who make art as the name implies. Also it seems that the football kit community on Deviant Art is very small and inactive. I think Twitter and Behance is enough for me for now.
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  3. gcarita

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    I have a denviant art account (but I don't touch it in years.)
    Like bluehorizonsky said, it's a website more for artists (paintors, illustrators etc.)
    DA is like NewGrounds, for people showcase their art, like Behance is almost the same as Cargo Collective.

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