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  1. I haven't been in site for weeks, I have extreme important exams this year, it will effect the rest of my life. Turkish users will understand me better. You can still send me the things about competitions. Thanks to you and our staff crew, the progress of the competitions and managing forum is going perfect. Looking forward to again more active.
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  2. Go hard into those exams. Good luck mate
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  3. University?
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  4. yes. there're 2 exams to join university.
    higher education transition examination & license placement examination

    when the exams are completed and your point is determined, you'll make an preference list that includes university names & university department.
    Then you will settle in an university according to the order of success
  5. And which branch will you get
  6. Glad to see you back here.
  7. i loved this site
  8. Currently studying American Culture and Lit.
  9. American culture? surely that's an oxymoron.;)
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    Yeah surely, but i have to survive so :p. The site is not like it used to be, that's because im currently working for an esports club.

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